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I have been a counselor and psychotherapist for 42 years. From 1980-84, I underwent Primal Therapy and trained as a therapist in Arthur Janov's Primal Institute in New York City. This therapy involves deep grief, anger work and emotional release, and training as a therapist requires further ongoing emotional exploration and release. For me it is a way of life, a lifelong practice of deepening awareness, emotional clearing and healing.

This training formed the foundation of my work which has evolved over the years as I gained experience and additional formal training. For many years I have specialized in treatment of trauma, addictions, depression, anger and grief work. I am a trained couples and family counselor, and work with all ages from children to advanced age.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina and Florida, a Registered Social Worker in UK, and an International Certified Gambling Counselor.

I have worked in the US and UK, providing psychotherapy in my private practices as well as in a University counseling center, psychiatric hospital, physician's office and in an holistic therapy center. My professional services include consultant, expert witness and legal work, workshops and intensives in the US and Europe.

I have practiced Yoga for 54 years, and have been a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor since 1999. I created Healing Heart Yoga, a practice of gentle trauma-sensitive Yoga suitable for anyone. I am a Reiki practitioner, Certified Sound Healer, and a Nutritional Counselor, lifestyle coach and educator.

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