Deep Feeling Therapy

Deep Feeling Therapy is a non-traditional approach to psychotherapy based on the Primal Therapy method developed by Dr. Arthur Janov in the 1960's.

The Deep Feeling approach is a process of becoming whole, by allowing the fullest expression and release of blocked emotional pain and buried hurts that have been stored at an unconscious level. This blocked emotional pain affects our lives at the most profound core level, beyond our conscious recognition and control. It is stored in our bodies, and influences everything we feel, think, and do. When we block off the painful parts of ourselves, we also disconnect from our true Selves and source of vitality and joy. Deep Feeling Therapy allows us to access the buried pain, bring it to the surface where the painful experiences can be re-experienced and embodied, then resolved and released from the system. We release not only unconscious stress and tension from the body and mind, we also release the energy of the old hurt. This process and its healing effects go beyond talk therapy, resolving unconscious conditioning at the deepest cellular level. Addictions and long-standing issues can be permanently resolved and healed.

By this reconnection and release of old stored toxic emotional Pain, we integrate the parts of ourselves that have been walled off with the Pain. We begin to understand and love ourselves, to remember and become who we truly are. We can now live fully in the present and make decisions about our lives that are based on what is going on now, instead of being driven by unconscious forces from the past. We begin, maybe for the first time, to experience joy and a feeling of being truly alive.

My practice as a Deep Feeling Therapist is based on my years of training as a Primal Therapist at Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Institute in New York City and my ongoing inner growth work. As I have grown, evolved and continued to develop myself, my work as a therapist has deepened and grown also. Integrating elements from my Yoga practice and experience as a Yoga teacher and Nutritional Counselor, I have developed an holistic Deep Feeling healing practice that includes the following:

Moving at your own pace
Body Awareness
Emotional Awareness
Self-love, healing the relationship with yourself
Inner Child Work
Energy Work
Exploring spiritual connection
Nutrition and lifestyle
Relationships with others

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